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CI/CD for Cypress and Playwright

The easiest, fastest and cheapest way to automate your test suites using Kubernetes

Cykubed screenshot showing a test run with multiple failures

Run a test suite in minutes, not hours

In agile web development having a rapid test feedback loop is crucial for maintaining code quality, but running exhaustive test suites can be difficult to configure, painfully slow and very costly.

Cykubed leverages the power of Kubernetes to run your tests in parallel inside your own cluster, using Spot VMs for huge cost savings.

Our easy to use dashboard tells you exactly where your tests are failing, and will also spot "flakey" tests that only intermittently fail.

Notifications to your favourite messaging platform

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Example Slack notification
Example notification message

Integrates seamlessly with pull requests

Prevents merging if there are failing tests

Example Github pull request with context and screenshots

Simple setup

Set up your project with just a few clicks: no more messing about with config files.

Cykubed will try to auto-detect the correct configuration


Install the agent into your cluster with just a few lines of script


Discover a simpler, faster and more cost-effective way to test your websites



  • Supports Spot VMs for massive cost savings

  • Automatic flakey test detection

  • Run on multiple browsers at once in Cypress

  • Fully featured API available on all price plans

  • Simple and intuitive UI

  • Outgoing webhooks support makes it easy to integration with your existing workflow

  • Use any combination of cpu and memory - no more OOM explosions!

  • Run as many tests in parallel as you like​​

  • Automatic caching of Node distribution for speedier app builds

  • No external dependencies: we're just running "cypress run" under the hood

  • Try for free! You can even install Cykubed on a local Minikube cluster

  • Are you affected by the recent Cypress license change?
    Nope. We're just running "cypress run" on each individual test file and then parsing the results, the same as any other CI/CD platform. There are no additional npm dependencies (in fact Cypress is written in Python).
  • What is a test result?
    A test result is a single “it()” clause inside a test file. Skipped tests are not counted.
  • What is a build credit?
    A build credit is calculated as “10 x total CPU minutes + total memory in GB minutes” . We don't currently charge for storage. Build credits are effectively Pay As You Go and do not expire.
  • Can I self-host tests with Cykubed?
    Absolutely! You can run tests on your own Kubernetes cluster, gaining control and scalability.
  • What Git platforms do you support?
    At the moment we support hosted Github, Bitbucket and GitLab. Contact us you have a different platform and we'll see what we can do
  • What Kubernetes platforms do you support?
    At the moment we’ve only tested on Google (GKE), Azure (AKS) and Minikube, but we are planning to rollout support for the other large platforms in the near future. It should be possible to deploy the agent on any Kubernetes cluster that supports at least VolumeSnapshots, with the best performance on platforms that support the ReadOnlyMany access mode for persistent volumes. If you're looking for a platform our preference would be the ones that do not charge a management fee, such as GKE (for a single cluster) and AKS, as your costs to actually run the tests are likely to be dwarfed by the management fee, particularly if using Spot VMs (the default). Contact us if you need assistance.
  • Do you support Yarn?
    Yes Yarn 1 and 2 are both supported and auto-detected, as of course is npm
  • How does Cykubed work?
    In a nutshell Cykubed uses standard Kubernetes Jobs and PersistentVolumeClaims to build your application, run Cypress and collect the results. If you want more detail, check out our support docs
  • What sets Cykubed apart from competitors?
    We're big fans of automated web app testing, but setting it up to run automatically on any of the existing CI/CD platforms is unnecessarily painful and expensive. We thought there must be a better way! Cykubed has everything you need to set up automated Cypress or Playwright test suites in the cloud and start running it in 5 minutes. Everything is driven by an easy to use website, and integrates nicely with your Git provider and instant messaging systems. We built the kind of tool that we would like to use ourselves as developers. Life is too short to spend it on reinventing the wheel!
  • Do you only support Cypress and Playwright?
    At the moment, yes. On the other hand, the underlying infrastructure could be adapted to other testing use cases (e.g Jest), so do get in touch if you have any ideas.
  • Is your code open-source?
    Well, some of it is. The code for the agent and runner is indeed open-source and can be found at and respectively: since this is the code that is deployed in your own cluster we thought it reasonable that you should be able to view it. The main server code and website is closed source at the moment
  • We would like to self-host Cykubed completely - is that possible?
    Yes, this is something we would be open to. Please contact us if you want to consider this option
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